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[Jan. 19th, 2005|02:01 pm]
Funky Green Rabbit
[mood |bouncyAlways]
[music |Dracula's Wedding, Outkast]

Since I haven't been updating for a while I decided to make a whole new post for answering to the questions people have left me.


1 - Do hats maketh the person? Yes. I love hats. Hats are most certainly a part of my persona. Hats also tell a lot of the person wearing them. So, most certainly, hats do make the person, at least for me.

2 - If government tried to pass a law to make rich people donate a certain percentage of their money to the poor what would your reaction be? Depends on how much money I would have at the moment. If I'd be rich at the moment (money coming from books, of course. I'm going to be the next JKR. either that or the president of USA), I wouldn't probably be so exited. If that law was to pass any time soon, I'd probably be jumping of joy, since I'm a very poor person.

3 - If you had to sacrifice yourself in order to preserve something you believed in what would that thing be? Freedom of choice.

jtree aka Eroica

1. How do you define the 'things' you`ve listed as interests? Hmm... you mean why did I choose them? They're things I like. Some of them I like less and some of them I love. Woops. I forgot hats. Must put it there... You could say they're things I'm interested in :).

2. What scene of any of Robin Hobb`s would you like to see pictured? (Yes, I`m short on ideas, or motivation..) The Quarrel. Or perhaps the wakening of the stone dragons. Or the scene where Selden sings to Tintaglia. It's too hard to choose.

3. So, where did you find the rabbit? Belive it or not, I googled it. And you know what, the rabbit actually exists. It's Alba, the fluoroscent rabbit. It's dead now, but when it was alive, it glew in the dark.


1. What is your favourite book? Alien earth/LotR/Good omens.

2. What is/was your favourite subject at school/college/Uni? Finnish.

3. Where/when would you live if given the choice of anywhere/anytime? Now and here, I wouldn't make it anywhere or anytime else.


i. Do you beleive that life has a meaning of itself? Perhaps. I don't spend time thinking about things like that too much, it just gives me a headache. I believe that everyone's life has some meaning, but I don't know if there is some universal meaning to all life everywhere.

ii. What is your favourite subject at school? Finnish, still ;).

iii. What do you love about Finland? My friends, my life. It isn't really the country itself, it's the people who live here and are connected to me. I wouldn't want to move anywhere else, because there I wouldn't have the people. Yeah, and then there's the nature. We Finns love whining and this is the perfect place to do it. There's always something wring with the weather or too many forests around, or too little, and lakes everywhere...

And Lanaya, yes.