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So, time to update! (And thankyou for all the good souls who welcomed… - Funky Green Rabbit [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 7th, 2005|06:18 pm]
Funky Green Rabbit
So, time to update! (And thankyou for all the good souls who welcomed me.)

Now that I'm back from the mysterious town of Pieksämäki, I actually have something to say. First, the Grudge isn't good. It isn't good at all. I was scared to hell as I watched it, but... then it didn't scare me at all. It promises horror, but when the horror finally comes, it's just stupid. Hmpf. And when you miss half of the movie to talking and hiding behind your chair, the plot gets all messed up. Besides, watching your friend's boyfriend hit on her is much more amusing (especially when you know exactly what he's going to do next).

Second, the game of Singstar. What could I say? Careless whispers sung by me and my frieds ("Kiörles Vispöörs!" is quite ... exotic. When you sing a song you've never heard before, and keep on getting high scores, there must be something seriously wrong with the game.

Oh, and Iordered Half-Blood Prince. Spent today bouncing up and down with joy. Obsessed? Noo...

I also learned that 70 % chocolate is pretty potent stuff. Must buy more.